The music of 7DOVE speaks volumes of what one can do. This one man music project from Chicago, Illinois transcends the limits of a single musician by delivering a presence that is as robust as a six-piece band and as intimate as a heartfelt soloist. With artful songwriting and eclectic instrumental arrangements, 7DOVE creates a vast musical atmosphere of theme and emotion. Picturesque and thought provoking, the music of 7DOVE embodies the vision of one whisper becoming an orchestra of music and inspiration.

7DOVE's style is a lively mixture of rock, electronica and classical music. This blend is most noticeable in the album entitled Y, which has been likened to a cross between Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and Beethoven. In Y, 7DOVE uses strikingly different musical approaches to illustrate the various parts of a story. Long, powerful songs bleed together and segue into various interludes, positioning Y as an epic progressive rock album. From the first breath to the last guitar strum, Y is an ever-changing journey that is characteristic of 7DOVE's diverse musical style.

The man behind the music is musician/songwriter Claudio Fucarino. Taking on piano and keyboards, lead and backup vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar and drum sequences, Claudio is responsible for writing and performing nearly all of 7DOVE's music. His talent for songwriting and instrumentation, combined with his passion for various music styles, gives 7DOVE a colorful palette that is used to emphasize the themes and emotions embedded in each track and across each album.

In the spring of 2007, 7DOVE made its debut with the release of Y, its first full-length concept album. Y quickly gained recognition as a refreshing departure from mainstream music and an intriguing album that inspires deeper thought. "Hello - Pierced Dove", track 2 on the album, became a highlight with its vocal buildups, soaring guitars and moving piano finale. "One Lost Night", track 6, made its impact with powerful piano and guitar parts and uplifting harmonies throughout. Overall, the album is praised as a cohesive work of art with many flavors.

Y is the first part of 7DOVE's musical journey, followed by Fearless Comet, a piano improv album that embodies a more experimental and free-formed segment of the journey. Currently 7DOVE is working on new music which will continue to inspire the avid listener and explore the vast musical horizon.