Imagine a comet, traveling fearlessly across a foreign galaxy, not knowing where it is going or what it will encounter, free to exist as it is. This is the approach that 7DOVE explores in Fearless Comet, an intriguing collection of piano improvisations that flow freely and aimlessly, never retracing a path.

Released in 2009, Fearless Comet is a creative departure from 7DOVE's previous album, entitled Y. This unwritten, unrehearsed album features picturesque piano pieces that are raw in emotion and musical expression. Ranging from sweet and soft encounters to melancholy detours and joyful breakthroughs, Fearless Comet paints a colorful journey within the silence of the album, like a comet drawing a path in outer space.

The album begins with a somewhat jazzy, yet eerie intro that feels distant and gradually gets closer. From there, Fearless Comet takes many turns and mingles with different styles, weaving back and forth between abstract notes and cohesive melodies. As the album progresses, the music changes moods and gives character to different segments of the voyage.

One of the many highlights of the album is "Glimpse of Earth", track number 10. In this piece, Fearless Comet stumbles upon a unique place that is filled with beautiful complexities and deep emotions. It begins with lower notes that step to a bluesy rhythm and higher notes that dance to a tender melody. The atmosphere borders sadness and subtle happiness until a burst of light sheds hope to the piece.

The album exits with "Return Into Darkness", a beautifully odd piece that is distant and irregular, yet very tranquil. Each note fearlessly proclaims its temporary existence before fading away into the calm silence that surrounds it, which is the underlying theme of the entire album.

Fearless Comet was inspired by a fellow artist who showed that the true beauty of art is in the act of creating art rather than the final result that people see or hear. This inspiration led 7DOVE to explore a more free-formed approach to music by recording piano improvisations in a dimly lit room, only allowing emotion to drive the direction. What began as a simple exercise became a collection of breathtaking piano pieces that truly express the beauty of letting go and being as free as a fearless comet in the dark.

All tracks improvised, recorded and sound mastered by Claudio Fucarino.
All designs and images by Claudio Fucarino.
Produced by Claudio Fucarino/Sevenus Records.
©2009 Claudio Fucarino. All rights reserved.