Shades of Gray is a collection of short instrumental pieces that float, sink, expand and contract to an array of deep emotions. This 2002 album exemplifies an earlier sound of 7DOVE, which stems from classical music.

In "Almost Free", a clever arrangement of piano, guitar and flute fills the atmosphere with suspense and suppression. Near the end, a glimmer of liberation struggles to shine but is unable to break through.

"Graveyard Waltz" is a mystical tune that features harpsichord, flute and hand percussion. This ghastly, yet playful piece twists and turns, like spirits of old whirling around their graves and scurrying back at the break of dawn.

A heavy darkness falls from the sky in "Drops of Blackness". This four-handed composition rains onto the piano keys with morbid low notes and cascading high notes, filling puddles of dreariness in every concavity.

In contrast to the previous track, "Dancing on Clouds" is a beautifully lighthearted piece that frolics upon fields of sun-lit clouds. A synthesized harp advances in short inclines, creating an uplifting airiness throughout the entire piece.

The final piece is "Fury", an aggressive piano solo that travels through different levels of anger. A deep drum beat accentuates the piano's vigorous heartbeat and races as the music intensifies. "Fury" also appears on the Y album, but with a more complex arrangement that includes electric guitars and sound effects.

All tracks written, arranged, recorded, mixed and sound mastered by Claudio Fucarino.
All instrumentation performed by Claudio Fucarino,
with exception to the flute on track 2: performed by Danielle DeVelasco.
All designs and images by Claudio Fucarino.
Produced by Claudio Fucarino/Sevenus Records.
©2002 Claudio Fucarino. All rights reserved.