Drowning in the unknown. Stretching to find a way. Gasping in an abyss of despair that borders a brighter day. This is the musical journey of Y, an inspiring concept album by 7DOVE.

Released in 2007, Y is the first full-length album by 7DOVE. This 60 minute journey travels through a world that exists between the rebellion and harmony within one's self. It is an engaging story that begins with frustration, doubt and emptiness, and it leads to hope, joy and realization. From the first breath to the last guitar strum, Y is an ever-changing journey that inspires deeper thought.

The music of Y is a lively mixture of rock, electronica and classical music. Likened to a cross between Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails and Beethoven, this album features different musical approaches that dramatically illustrate the various parts of the story. Long, powerful songs bleed together and segue into numerous interludes, giving Y an epic quality and positioning it as a colorful progressive rock album.

Y is made up of seven tracks that are strikingly different from one another, yet they all come together to form one cohesive musical theme. As mentioned by music critic Shane Wheeler, "...I consider it one piece of music. Each track, more or less, consists of a song, and an interlude, or an instrumental. It all weaves into one bigger picture, and that's where the magic happens."

The album begins with "Fury", a fierce piano instrumental with an aggressive beat. "Fury" incorporates sounds of war and raging electric guitars to set the stage for anger and chaos. The grim sounds at the end of the track represent the idea of one becoming chained by fear and frustration.

"Hello-Pierced Dove" is the calm after the storm. This song is filled with many doubts and questions that continue to intensify as the music grows from a single voice and guitar to a breathtaking ensemble of soaring electric guitars, passionate vocal build ups and animated bass lines. The song evolves into a powerful climax, which is immediately followed by a moving piano solo that pulses and swirls until the end of the track.

Next is "Crater Creators", a bittersweet ballad with soothing verses of bass and synth and thundering choruses of piano and electric guitar. The music and lyrics work together to express the notion of a fake paradise, resluting in an erratic piano finale that exhausts itself into the next track.

"Helpless" is the beautiful piano solo that follows. This piece begins with an innocent flutter of notes and gradually develops into a feeling extreme desperation. Halfway through the track, a turning point is reached as the innocent flutter becomes a melody of hope and a yearning for something greater.

After a brief awakening, the album arrives at "Battle Within", a dynamic fight between the rebellion and harmony within. Progressive metal clashes with modern rock, accentuating the opposing forces until the final surge of liberation takes place with a exhilarating guitar ending.

"One Lost Night" is the powerful follow-up to the battle and the moment of clarity in the album. A melodic piano and guitar intro leads the song until a burst of drums and bass kicks in. Charming verses blend with harmonious choruses as sweet guitar riffs add color throughout and augment the uplifting finale.

"Astray", the last track on the album, is made up of three parts: a 3 minute intro and two 7 minute songs. The intro is a brief regression to chaos, with deranged guitar sounds played over a vigorous dance beat. This confusion is quickly shattered by the robust song that follows. Resilient lyrics and an upbeat rhythm build this song and propel it to a vibrant conclusion of joy and excitement.

After 1 minute of silence the final part of "Astray" emerges. This last song parallels the journey of the entire album with a complex musical arrangement that continuously changes moods. Deep vocal hums, exotic hand percussion and an enchanting hammer dulcimer give this song a mystical sound, and a peaceful piano ending completes the album.

Overall, Y is a cohesive musical work with many flavors. Although each track can be appreciated individually, the album truly comes to life when looked at as a whole. Every track has its place in building the story, like different scenes in a movie, and when listened to from beginning to end, Y becomes a memorable and inspiring experience for every listener.

All tracks written, arranged, recorded and mixed by Claudio Fucarino.
All instrumentation and vocals performed by Claudio Fucarino,
with exception to the following:
- Martin Lassus: lead guitars and guitar effects on tracks 2, 6 and 7 (part 1)
- Ivan Acosta: lead guitar on track 7 (part 3)
- Danielle DeVelasco: hammer dulcimer on track 7 (part 3)
- Michael Eisenstein: percusson on track 7 (part 3)
All tracks sound mastered by Rick Geneva of Geneva Productions,
with exception to track 4: sound mastered by Bud Johnson of
Red Brick Recording.
All lyrics, designs and images by Claudio Fucarino.
Produced by Claudio Fucarino/Sevenus Records.
©2005 Claudio Fucarino. All rights reserved.