1 - Fury


2 - Hello - Pierced Dove

hello what's your name
and are you the one
who came to wash the pain away
hello are you the same
as the one who gave
my world another way
but how am i to know
if you're for real
and how am i to tell
if your love is there to feel
there must be something more
that i choose not to see
instead i'll spend my life
failing to let myself be
what can i do to be free
hello where did you go
although i can't see you
i still need to know
hello are you still there
because if you don't exist
then nothing can be fair
so what do you want from me
what should i do
how can i see the truth
and see if the truth can be you
i have heard it all before
but never let it in
why would someone like you
have to bleed for the win
what can i do to be free
what if i gave just one
chance to walk with you
and see what you lead to
what if i gave just one
chance to let you in
and wake me from within
hello could it be true
that all i have to do
is open up to you
hello could it really be true
that there's nothing else at all
that i have to do
but what if i should fall
and kill this inner man
and walk down the wrong road
that leads to my end
could there still be a chance
for me to let you in
is that what was meant
when you bled for the win
can you take away the pain
can you put away the past
can you brighten everyday
and forever make it last
is there something i can do
to see what was done by you
then why do i still fight the light
that you shine through

3 - Crater Creators

the sun rose up for its eyes
but the moon kept leaving it so blind
the star shined bright within the emptiness
yet it still dug craters full of lies
and now it's lost without a light
but from the dove that pierced a wing
flying above its heads there is a way
the day turns just around the corner
with a world that leads that day to horror
the pain bleeds in floods from its faces
as death consumes the empty places
and then it's gone this fake paradise
no red no green no in between
just emptiness everywhere without a way
but from the dove that pierced a wing
flying above our heads there's always a way

4 - Helpless


5 - Battle Within

it's just another day
of skin and bones on earth
with nothing in the core
my death is what it's worth
my world is closing in
i'm squirming in the filth
i'm yearning for some hope
but learning to fall first
i keep on losing grip
my love is raped by lust
and when the lust is through
it pays my love with dust
now my heart i cannot find
this dust has made me blind
and i can't see you at all
so why should i even try
i feel like a drone
in an empty world
and when i think i'm through
i know just what i thirst
i will tend to your black heart
i will fix your drugged up mind
i will tear apart the lies
that have left you so blind
just reach into these hands
inside of you
and know to let go of
the ones that build a fool
i will fill up your heart
i will open up your mind
and you will see
i am right behind you
when you have had enough
decay will disappear
and you will be filled up
just reach into these hands
that wait inside of you
and you will see

6 - One Lost Night

i think about you all the time
i close my eyes and i see you
and this is all because of that sense of relief
you gave to me the day before
now my heart is beating through my chest
my hands are searching out for truth
and when i think of all the things
that you have put together
i gain more of my life
we're not too far away from each other
time doesn't have to travel so fast
you gave me the chance to get to know you better
and forget the future and the past
i thought about you one lost night
i closed my eyes and turned to you
i couldn't take it anymore
i needed something to live for
besides my messy world
and when i opened up my eyes
i felt the brightness inside you
then i began to know you standing there my friend
and at that point you made me realize
all of these things
we're not too far away from each other
time doesn't have to travel at all
you gave me the chance to get to know you
better than ever before
and forget the future and the past
then i knew that i lived for your love when i said
all i need is you in my life
all i want is you as my light
now i see my way was not right
i'm so glad that you gave me sight
one lost night

7 - Astray

i had run astray
until the day that i met you
bright and beautiful
you have filled a large part of my heart
how could i have known
that you'd be so perfect for me
i've been searching for so long
but now i'm finally on my knees
will you take my hand
can i take your hand and fly away
will you wake my heart
can you put your heart inside of mine
lift me up each day
and i will try my best to lift your way
stand close to me each day
and i will stand strong in
you are the one who gives me life
you are the one who brings me light
the fire was so dim but you increased
the flame and now you let me shine
the light that you shine for me
the dove flew up one day
it flew so high that all the world got scared
and when it tried to sing
the world just didn't really seem to care
pierced by fairy tales
the dove fell beneath the ground
but your light was much too bright
and we all rose up once again
your love is the seed
can you show me how to make it grow
my heart had a weed
but it died when my heart felt your glow
sing to me today
sing your words that make me fly
fill my soul today with your
perfect spirit in the sun's shine

we are a pearl on the inside...