"...Y is a very unique album, unlike almost anything that I have heard in a long time. I'll put this out there - it's one of the finest progressive rock albums, and it's one of my personal favorite records. It's been in constant rotation since I first heard it, which can be a problem as a freelance music critic. But I don't mind; the music is so good that it deserves to be heard..." Read full review

- Shane Wheeler (Journalist/Music Critic)

"Enchanting music that quickly draws you in...
Y is a gorgeous album by an extremely talented artist. Each song on the album is unique, and the lyrics are carefully worded, just like poetry. The vocal and musical work on this album draws the listener in quickly, to dream, contemplate, meditate...as all great works do. The enchanting piano work on piece 4 "Helpless" lingers with you long after you've listened to it. I look forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming artist."

- Anna J. Kotlarz

"This really is the good stuff, original music that surprises and astonishes. You'll need some silent time after the first listen."

- Pepijn Verlaan

"Blending classical and industrial rock 7DOVE takes the breath right out of your lungs with melodic piano and orchestral percussion. Good stuff to cry to."

- Anonymous Reviewer

"This CD provides a departure from what's out there in regards to rock music and the many different genres it accompanies. It provides the listener with more than one style while still keeping the music and theme consistent throughout all the tracks. The use of the piano and other orchestral sounds drives the melodies and shapes the music for the first half of the album. I particularly enjoyed listening to tracks 1,2,5, & 7. I'm looking forward to future releases from this talented artist!"

- Rabel Shamuel